Company Hill
Victorian Homes Neighborhood
postcard, '91 calendar
houses on
Giroux are
Hill. Their
view looks
down into
Main Street.
'86 calendar, postcard
'86 calendar, postcard
Con Sullivan House * sits atop
historic, cobblestone County Road, not
recommended for vehicles. It sits just
above the
'86 calendar, 11 x 17 print $20, postcard
The Warehouse was built of cut stone and now
has been converted into a residence. This is the
oldest Jerome building. It is across County Road
from the
Tally House.l
'86 calendar
The Flood House
was not named for the
mudslides that came
through, but for the
Flood family that lived
there. This is the first
house on Magnolia.
Tally House was the residence of the
general manager for United Verde.
postcard, '86 calendar
86 calendar
Frey House
This charming
duplex has
the most
detail of any
of the
'87 calendar
The Roger's House shows the front of the
home shown from the side in
Flood House.
'91 calendar
'90 calendar
The View from Magnolia
shows Sedona across the
Verde Valley  and hogback
hills below Jerome. It is the
view from in front of
shown at the right.
If you refer to the page with
color cards, you will see that
there's been work done!
My House
The John Riordan
For about ten years I lived in two rooms while
doing foundation work. One is the add-on at the
right, and the other a kitchen with a shed roof
over it. I shoveled snow from what was to
become studio and living room. "Click" on the
drawing to view large.
is the last on Magnolia.
Now we drop a level to
the boardwalk.
postcard, '86 calendar
Holy Family Catholic Church
The DeCamp House *
is the first home on the boardwalk,
which is called Paradise Lane.
postcard, '86 calendar
postcard, '86 calendar
Next is the Quail House. This was Dan Quail's
family long before he was "a glimmer in his
parents eyes."
'86 calendar
John's House I drew by climbing two
stories to the top of the United Verde
86 calendar, postcard, 11 x 17 print $20
Riordan House
'86 calendar
United Verde Apartments at the time I drew them, sported
my all-time favorite sign:
"No Trespassing on P. D. Property ~
Beware of Rattlesnakes"
. County road goes up at a steep
angle (not recommended for cars) at the right end of this
three-winged building.
Above is Jerome Historic Center at
the left, the United Verde Apartments at
the right and part of Company Hill behind.
These visions of Company Hill in Jerome are among
my favorites.
Most of the residential section of
Company Hill was bought by a group of us that titled
our corporation Society Hill Preservation, Inc. We have
paid off Phelps-Dodge and now have gotten separate
Ordering & shipping info for the art is on my
bio page.
The calendars mentioned in the flags are 11" by 17"
and have histories for each of 13 signed drawings.
Each year was a run of only 1000. There will be no
more of these printed as sets.  
To see what I have in print of each image, place
your mouse over it. Dimensions are in inches.
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