Jerome State Historic Park
At the Douglas Mansion
postcard, '87 calendar
This view of the Douglas Mansion I drew
years before the installation of my drawings
in etched metal. The hole in the near right is a
cave-in. The next batch below is a series
commissioned by Arizona State Parks. I am
inordinately proud of the series and of my
first major public installation..
Douglas Mansion
Arizona State Historic Park
11 x 17 print $30
As one faces the entrance, the view of Jerome and
my etched drawings are back to the left. I drew on
this every day when the sun was at just the right
angle to cast slantwise light to enhance each detail.
"Click" on the drawing to view large.
Douglas Mansion
11 x 17 print $30
Front Doors
This drawing was from an old photograph.
The freestanding, etched plate is placed
opposite the entrance of the Douglas. The
work was a labor of love.
Jerome circa 1929
11 x 17 print $30
11 x 17 print $30
Jerome & Mining
Jerome & Mingus
The two above and two below comprise almost 360 degrees of view from the Douglas Mansion.
Their freestanding plates are situated near where I sat to draw them, around the whole perimeter.
Mingus (in background) is the mountain that contains Cleopatra Hill which holds Jerome. The mining
shot has the old redwood headframe in the foreground with the new one behind it. The huge
building high on Cleopatra was the Montana, which burned down in the 20's. The Project included
"rebuilding" it where it sat. One sees part of the mine pit between the Montana and the Little Daisy.
11 x 17 print $30
11 x 17 print $30
Verde Valley
Sunshine Hill
has some of Beal Town rebuilt. It shows
mine~owners houses and tailings on
Sunshine Hill, an edge of Sycamore
Canyon & the San Francisco Peaks.
Highlights of this view across the Verde include the
Peaks, Sedona across the way at the foot of Mogollion
Rim,  Clarkdale, the smelter and slag pile, the Verde
River, Tuzigoot, the old railroad cut and the Jerome
The next six drawings are done live from pieces of mining equipment on display at the
Douglas Mansion plus how the equipment was used from historic photographs.
Ore Cart
Stamp Mill
Arrastre *
'91 calendar
By the Douglas we see
this view framing uptown
Jerome in a pair of
headframes. The one at
left is historic and made
of redwood and the one
at right was built
recently and used for
mining in the 1990's.
"Click" on the drawing to
view large.
Chilean Mill
'92 calendar
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This is a separate, earlier installation
inside the Douglas Mansion.
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