'87 calendar
Hull Avenue,
Flat Iron ~ Dentist
'87 Calendar
'87 calendar
We start at the Flat Iron.
Hull begins where the
car is. Drawings on the
left are what we see at
left, right at right.
High House
House of Joy
Traveling Jail
Before  &   After
'88 calendar
postcard, '89 calendar
The famous jail
that traveled over
225 feet riding the
mud slide (creep
really) down the
mountain. The
shot at right
shows the
Powderbox Church
and Mingus High
10 x 12 print $20
'91 calendar
Jerome Post Office
Back when the mudslides of '37 impaired
this office, one could not see across the
valley through the output of the smelter,
which was sulphur.
Raku and Spook Hall
The hall was the J C Penny building until the
mines closed.
'92 calendar
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Hill & Clark
Company Hill
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Verde Hood
Deception Gulch
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Indian Ruins I
Indian Ruins II
Grateful Dead in
Hang Gliders
Cuban Queen ~ Victory Market
The buildings above are tucked off
Hull. The Victory has the arches
and the other two had ladies of
the night.
17 X 23 print $75, cover'86 calendar
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