Main Street, Jerome
17 X 23 print $75, cover 86 calendar
'87 calendar, postcard
Some drawings can be
viewed full screen. Those
with that option have a *
by their titles. Left-click
your mouse on these.
Entering Jerome
shows the approach
to Main coming from
the valley.
Hotel Connor to the
right, is newly
restored. More info at
11 x12.5 print $20
'89 calendar
Next to the Connor is, at left,
the old
P. O. Cigar Store. It
is now rebuilt. Then, at right
we have the
Copper Shop
and Nellie Bly.
The Copper Shop has now
become Nellie Bly II. Next in
this row is the
New State
Motor Company
* seen
below. It also housed Selna's
Market and now sports the
Jerome Post Office. I drew this
from life, but added features
from old photographs, which
were never from the same
angle. The ramp was for autos
to get to the repair area, a
level below Main Street.
'89 calendar
11 X 14  print $20
'89 calendar, 11 x 17 print $30
Back to the intersection, we have
the long gone
T. F. Miller
as it appeared about
Whitten Printers
This is the same corner that is in the right side of
the Miller drawing, but drawn from life with features
(like the Bartlett Hotel) added from old photos.
postcard, '91 calendar
'87 calendar, excerpt in postcard
Next, going down
Main, is
Clinkscales, * &
Jerome Police
Jerome Park is across Main.
'88 Calendar
'88 Calendar
On down was Made in Jerome Pottery and the kiln.
The four story has now been restored as the

Sullivan Apartments
The shell has become the
Red Rooster.
Continuing on, this is Block Four, with the Boyd
Hotel the nearest building. I've been told that three
miners on different shifts rented each room and
each had a locking dresser drawer.
'89 calendar
'89 calendar, postcard
Aurum is a new building and now the
rest of the space between it and the
two-story is filled with shops. I am very
glad to have caught the abutments.
Here we look across the street to Flat Iron ~ Hotel
The Hotel now houses the fabulous Jerome
Artists Cooperative Gallery, where the artists are the
salespeople. Check it out at
'90 calendar
postcard, cover '88 calendar
Recognize the Annex at the right side of this drawing
of the
Central Hotel which is opposite our
Cooperative. Looking another direction we have a
view of
Clark Street Elementary School. Below
is this angle of the school.
Across from the Flatiron is the
Central Hotel Annex. *
'90 calendar
'87 calendar
Turning around (and
dropping back six +
decades) we see
Flat Iron Building which
is now the Flat Iron Cafe,
the best coffee and
wonderful food.
'87 calendar
 Postcard, 11 X 13 print $20,
The drawing at left, Arizona
has the same two
buildings that are in the
Speakeasy, above. The story
is that when the top two floors
needed repair, the owners tore
them off.
'89 calendar
'91 calendar
We end this stretch with
Garcia's House. * Check it out
Headframes shows the uptown
nicely framed with the old redwood
rig at left and the new metal one at
Information about what format(s) I
have of these drawings can be seen by
putting your cursor arrow on a piece.
Dimensions are in inches. Shipping,
calendar and postcard information is on
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