Indian Ruins
17 x 11 print $20
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Montezumas Castle
draws visitors from
around the world. To
view this in watercolor,
go to
Color Images.
Montezuma's Castle II is of an awesome cliff dwelling.
17 x 11 print $30
'89 calendar
This view of Tuzigoot shows
Jerome in the background
Tuzigoot from closer in. This ruin is open for visitors near Clarkdale, Arizona.
17 x 11 print $30
Montezuma's Well is near
the Castle, but gets many
fewer visitors as the walk is
a little farther. A chipmunk
visited with me when I sat
drawing each day, and I got
it in the drawing a couple of
times. The water is a hot
spring and so has a
year-round duck population
and turtles. I imagined I
could hear the talking that
must have gone on in the
bowl of the sink.
17 x 11 print $30
Tissaw is on a friends land.
Since it is "off the path" I had
the opportunity to add lots of
local creatures as they
appeared during the time I
created the drawing.
17 x 11 print $20
Palatki housed Sinagua Indians in the dry creek phase. Its
name was given by the Hopi and means Red House. It was
used about 1130 through 1300 AD. Cannot see the
dwelling? That was their plan. It is in a recess at the right
edge of the drawing.
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