Anne Bassett
Capturing Historic Jerome's Visual Heritage
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"I am enormously complimented that people from around the world have told me they came to Jerome after
seeing its charm in my drawings."
Since 1982, internationally recognized artist Anne Bassett has documented the historic town of Jerome's
unique visual heritage during a period of restoration and growth. She finds the medium of pen and ink
fitting to the intricate historical detail. Freely done watercolors capture moods and the odd colors from the
opened earth and mining activities.
Architects in particular appreciate that while most anyone can draw a plumb building, capturing the skewed
buildings of Jerome and depicting that it is not an error in the art, but rather architecturally correct,
underscores Bassett's outstanding skill as an artist.
The Department of Arizona State Parks commissioned Anne to do 13 drawings, which are on display at the
Douglas Mansion, Jerome's State Historic Park. They are illustrated in etched metal and comprise Bassett's
first major public installation.
Arizona Highways and Southwest Profile are but two of Bassett's many publishings. Her work has been
shown at Arizona State University, where she studied and worked in the Art Department. Other shows
were with Arizona Arts & Humanities Council, Phoenix' first Women's Center, Verde Valley Art Association
and the Flour Garden in Telluride, Colorado. Anne also has taught painting and figure drawing at the
Phoenix Art Museum.
Bassett studied at A. S. U. from 1965 to 1975 and did an apprenticeship with Rainbow Tourraine from 1977
through 1981.
"I love my subjects and am thrilled when people notice this. I credit years of figure drawing and portraiture
for the ability to reveal the character of Jerome in my drawings and paintings. It is a frightfully intimate
thing to be absorbed into the subject by drawing from life. I do believe we creatively capture the soul."
Bassett does custom work and portraiture and also executes blueprints into an image that looks solidly
built of real materials.
Anne Bassett, POB 34, Jerome, AZ 86331
Web site:
Bassett's work is shown at the Jerome Artists Cooperative galleries, which she
co-founded in 1996.
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Montezuma's Castle ~ Indian Ruin ~ New Series
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Anne Bassett
Artist at work in
the Phone
Building in
Jerome drawing
"View from
Dolores" on the
Clark Street
Photograph by
Dolores Ashkar.
At home with Dad's, Don Bassett, sculpture in
my perpetual construction zone. Photograph by
Carolyn Roach. View either photo large by
"clicking" on it.
Jerome Calendars I printed for the years 1986
through 1992. Each is a collectible set of 13 signed
prints with no repeats. All subjects have
hand-lettered historic notes. The '86 focused on the
Company Hill area. The '87 was a landmark series.
Either of these is $275. The '88 through '92 are $225
each. Mailing out of the US is extra. Each year was a
run of 1000. By today's standards I could have
numbered them as a limited edition, but I am "old
school" in that some of the images are available in
other printings. I plan to print no more sets of these
particular drawings.
I am proud of these and they make excellent
surveys of Jerome.
You may download this page, but resolution will
not be as clear as actual prints. Thank you.
Orders will be sent upon receipt of payment.  In the
US mailing is $10 on 11"X17" and smaller. Larger
unframed pieces ship for $20. Postcards & notecards
are priced with mailing included. Postcards are
5.5"X8.5", are signed, are printed on glossy card
stock and are $8 each, 10 or more for $5 each. Color
notecards are $8 each, 10 or more for $6 each.
Images in the rest of this site are protected. Ask for
price on shipping framed pieces, which will run $25 or
more, depending on size and destination.
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