Hill Street & Clark Street
'92 calendar, postcard
postcard, '87 calendar
The Eagle's Nest is the first house
one sees on the left entering Jerome on
89A from Prescott. I lived there when I
drew it. Part of the view from there is in
the drawing to the right.
Deming ~ Fensler House is the first
one sees on the right entering Jerome
at the high end of town.
11 X17 print $30, postcard
'90 calendar
 at left, is
even higher than
the Eagle's Nest.
Just beyond it is the
pictured at right.
'92 calendar
I just had to lavish space on this drawing of Clark Street Elementary School
because it was such a challenge. Perhaps this will give one who has never visited
Jerome a perspective on how we perch on the side of the mountain. This has been
recently restored to house Town Hall, the Jerome Library, and to fulfill other civic
functions. I am proud of my role in saving this building by getting a new roof on it when I
served Jerome as Councilperson and property commissioner. This is also featured on a
canvas book bag available at the Jerome Library.
11 X13 print $20
'88 calendar
is next along Clark
Street. It features
ramshackle porches
like many Jerome
The Reese Apartments are more
often called Walsh's. Yes, they are
occupied, although the garage is no
longer used.
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'87 calendar

Haskins Apartments  
The Jerome Palace
'91 calendar
View from Delores' is the (typically Jerome)
empty foundations that begin Hill Street. I drew this
from an upstairs window in the phone company
building. This is the beginning of
Hill Street.
Surgeon's House
Some drawings can be viewed full screen. Those
with that option have a * by their titles. Left-click
your mouse on these. Clark Street continues on the
next page, Company Hill.
Is so named because the chief
surgeon for the mines lived here.
postcard, '88 calendar, 11 x 17 print $30
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