Hogback Neighborhood Upper & Lower
11 x 17 print $30
'89 calendar, postcard
Some drawings
can be viewed
full screen.
Those with that
option have a *
by their titles.
Left-click your
mouse on these.
Jerome & Mingus
This is from the Douglas Mansion series
and shows the hogback from the side.
Traveling Jail
In the middle distance is the Hogback from
'89 calendar, postcard
These views are of a neighborhood next to the
Hogback and above the road to the Douglas
Villa Zero
'89 calendar, postcard
Jepsen House
This is the first house on the Upper
Nancy's House
postcard, 11 x 17 print $20
This is the view from Villa Zero and vice versa.
Babbage House *
On the same piece of a road, not recommended for
driving, is the scene below.
Russel House
'89 calendar
'89 calendar, postcard
With a grade
school ruin in
the foreground,
this view
shows the
backs of some
houses on the
Nonast Wall *
View of Lower Hogback
'90 calendar, postcard
Now we arrive on the Hogback, starting at the
bottom with the old Mingus Union High School.
Cover, '90 calendar
Robin & Margo's Studio
The Copper Front Doors of The old
Mingus High School
'90 calendar
'91 calendar
Buildings A & B at the Mingus High School
The building at the left housed Jerome Instruments
Corp when I did the drawing as well as artists
studios. In the middle is part of the auditorium. At the
right is where shop and home ec were and there was
a snack stand under the stairs.
The Station
The quilts are no longer sold here and the
roof no longer sags. This has been
renovated into an art gallery across from
the High School.
'92 calendar
We glimpsed this
in the Robin &
Margo print. I love
this view of
Jerome. We are
moving up the hill
on the Hogback.
'88 calendar
Mullen House
'88 calendar
Katie Lee's House
This is the next house up. This is home of the famous
river-runner and environmental activist that you may have has
the pleasure of hearing sing. View large by "clicking" on drawing.
'92 calendar
Norton's House
Now we are on the Upper Hogback. I felt like I was
doing portraits of the individual, quite varied rocks in
the facing foundation wall.
'88 calendar
Doc Joe Pecharich' House
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This was the residence of the Whittens that
had the print shop on
Main Street. It is across
East Avenue from Villa Zero.
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