Verde & School Neighborhood
'92 calendar
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full screen. Those with that
option have a * by their titles.
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This drawing covers most of the
Verde Neighborhood. The building
at the top left is the Eagles Nest,
whose close-up is on the Clark
Street page. In the center at the
bottom edge one sees the top of
Gibson's Market. The drawings on
this page will wind from Gibson's
up to Central, moving up the hill.
Also the scenes will move from
89A at right into the neighborhood
at the left.
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Gibson's Home is just up from
their market.
Gibson's Market
'90 calendar
'89 calendar
Back out to 89A we
have the
United Methodist
Verde Street starts
just below it.
Just behind Gibson's is Gallardo's House. *
'91 calendar
'90 calendar
First on Verde Street
Hernandez and
Davis Homes.
the cobblestone
road and the pitch.
Next we see the Starkovitch
postcard, '90 calendar
Across from Ava's (see the edge of Haven
at left) is the
Jerome Baking Company.
This is back-to-back with
Thorbeck Flats
and Bakery Ovens,
below, where the
bakers resided.
Across from Haven on the uphill side is
Ava's House. * Some collect this one for
the rickety, but typically Jerome, porch, and
some for how the ground floor on one side
is the second floor on the other, another
common Jerome feature.
postcard, '90 calendar
'88 calendar
Back to 89A we see the Tovrea
up on jacks with stilts.
Just up from it is the
below. It is also known
as the smurf house.
'90 calendar
Bradley House is on
School Street, which
becomes Center. In the
background one gets
another view of the
Stickles Apartments
which appear on the
page "Clark Street".
'91 calendar
9.5 X 13.5 print $20, postcard
Next after Bradley is Seavers House. Past it is the
Mortuary and Hospital at left.
8.5 X 11 print $20
Cover '92 calendar
These two (above and below) are of the Methodist
Episcopal Church
and show another view of the Clark
Street Elementary School in the background. The
church is now apartments, at the right edge of the
Above the Mortuary is this house titled Home
by the patron who commissioned the drawing.
'90 calendar, postcard
Further on School Street is the Cram
* I especially like the
cobblestone road.
'92 Calendar
As Center curves up to 89A, we have the
Hambley House.
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Rever ~ Troyer House is across from the
Hambley. The drawing gives a glimpse of the
Gillingwater House on Clark Street (89A) up
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