Anne Bassett
print 17.5 X 23 $75, cover 86 calendar
I have become known for my inks of Jerome, an old mining town In northern Arizona.  
We have been called the wickedest town in the west!  More recently created art of
Native ruins & of Sedona are included here.  I offer prints of my inks and color
notecards printed from my paintings.  All prints are on quality paper and are signed.  
Custom orders are welcome, including work from blueprints.  Place your arrow on an
image to view its available format. For ordering  see my "About Artist" page.
"it's not often one can work with a        
museum quality town like Jerome."
Quote is from Pratt Cassidy, director of
Public Service & Outreach, School of
Environmental Design, University of
Georgia, and Executive Advisor of the
National Alliance of Preservation
Commissions.  Upon seeing our
neighborhood boardwalk he said,
                        "I'm in love"                     
Jerome & Mining is one
of my color note cards.  
For the others, click

notecard$8, framed watercolor $300
Jerome circa 1929
is from a photo
taken during the
mining days, before
the ghost town
A present view
contrasts below.  
Note that we now
have vegetation.
Some drawings can be viewed full screen.  
Those with that option have an * by their
titles.  Left-click your mouse on these.
11 x 17 print $30
86 Calendar, postcard
11 x 17 print $30
Quail House ~ click here for more Company Hill
17.5 X 24.5  print $75, cover 87 calendar
89 calendar
Garcia's House * at right
was a lodging house and is
again.  One claim to
wickedness was a still fire
in  mining days.  More info
postcard, 87 calendar
11 x 17 print $20
New Map of Jerome
I created a new map of Sedona with this
insert.  I show it here with permission of
Discovery Maps
Palatki was named by the Hopi for Red
House.  It was used by the Sinagua
1130~1300 AD.
More Ruins
Jerome Pages by
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Index I
Index II
About Artist
Hill & Clark
Company Hill
Main Street
Sunshine Hill
Verde Hood
Deception Gulch
Color Images
Color Images II
Douglas Mansion  
State Historic Park

Indian Ruins I
Indian Ruins II
Grateful Dead in
Hang Gliders
cover 91 calendar
Information about what format(s) I have of these drawings can
be seen by putting your cursor arrow on a piece. Dimensions are
in inches. Shipping, calendar and postcard information is on the

Bio Page
shows the English Kitchen & the J on Cleopatra
Hill. Print is 17.5"X23" $75, & on cover of '86
Enjoy my work!
Jerome & Mining is one of a series of 13 drawings
commissioned by Arizona State Parks which are executed
in etched metal at the Douglas Mansion, my first major
public installation.  Included here is the Montana Hotel,
which burned down in the '20s.  This and four others show
the 360 view from the Douglas, Jerome's State Historic
Park.  To view the whole series, click
Little Daisy & Jerome * is a panorama  of Jerome from
Sunshine Hill.  To view large, "click" on the drawing.  It
includes major Town buildings, Powderbox, Methodist,
and Catholic churches, hospital, elementary school, all on
Cleopatra Hill.  Mingus Mountain shows at the left.  For
more of Sunshine Hill, click
Connor Hotel ~ Spirit Room * is Jerome's most
notorious (fun).  Beautifully restored at
Neighborhood is an introduction to Clark Street, which
is the first Jerome road entering on 89A from Prescott.
For more Clark Street and Hill Street scenes click
My earlier Map of Jerome           
"click" to view large.
Fabulous new works of Jerome
Click here to see art in upcoming Featrued Artist
Show at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery
May 5, 2012 through June.